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What you should know?

Generally Patients who are unhappy with the cosmetic outcome of their breast augmentation request to see Dr Abel Mounir because he is known for his expertise in revision breast cosmetic surgery. There are different reasons why patients are disappointed with their cosmetic results after breast enhancement. The need for breast revision surgery can arise for many reasons. Some women who have undergone their initial procedure with someone other than Dr. Greenwald are simply unhappy with their breast augmentation results. The most common one is the achieved size. Often patients want a different breast implant size or shape. Others experience implant failure. Other patients have a capsular contracture or implant misplacement and request Dr. Mounir’s expertise.

It is important to stress that second breast re-augmentation is always more difficult than the initial intervention. This is because of the scar tissue and the risk of bleeding. It is always advisable to seek an experienced surgeon who is a qualified plastic surgeon based in Manchester or Liverpool. Dr Mounir is a highly skilled breast surgeon and has lots of experience in revision breast implant surgery.

During your initial consultation Dr Mounir will discuss all the potential risks and complications of revision breast augmentation surgery with you. He will discuss the option to exchange your implants especially if they are textured Allergan implants. Dr Mounir routinely uses Mentor implants and this includes smooth and textured implants. If needed, he will advise you to have a breast lift (mastopexy).

Am I a good candidate for breast revision surgery?

Dr. Mounir is a specialist plastic surgeon and will discuss your needs and expectations. He will examine you and tell you if you are suitable for breast revision re-enhancement surgery. Generally speaking the patients suitable for breast revision augmentation surgery are:

  1. Women who are not happy with size of them size of the silicone implant
  2. Women who are not happy with them cosmetic outcome after breast augmentation due to the shape.
  3. Women who are not happy with symmetry of them breasts because they do feel that they are uneven breasts.
  4. Women who felt a lump under their armpit because of a leaked implant
  5. Women with capsular contracture
  6. Women with deformity such as synmmastia or the so-called uni-boob
  7. Women with massive rippling after breast augmentation.
  8. Women with double bubble or bottoming out.

If you are thinking about undergoing breast surgery, you should book a consultation with Dr Mounir. He will examine you and discuss what could be done to improve your cosmetic results. However, Dr Mounir will operate on you only and only if you:

  • Are happy with your body image but self-conscious about your cosmetic breast outcome after your breast augmentation.
  • Are in good general physical and mental health.
  • Have realistic expectations.
  • Have not breast-fed for a minimum of 3 months.

The cost of revision breast augmentation surgery

The total cost of revision breast augmentation surgery includes:

  • The cosmetic plastic surgeon’s fee,
  • The NHS consultant anaesthesiologist’s fee,
  • The hospital fees,
  • The fees for the new breast implants
  • Other expenses such as the histology lab if scar tissue (capsule) is sent to the pathologist.

This is why the final bill of revision breast augmentation depends on many factors, especially on the length and difficulty of the revision surgery. During your initial consultation Dr. Mounir will assess you and based on the personalised surgical plan he makes for you, he will establish a quote for your breast revision surgery.

I have Allergan implants; do I need to get them replaced?

Generally speaking silicone implants do not have expiration date and are designed to last forever. Unfortunately, sometimes there are some issues with the implant such as rupture and replacement is needed.

Often however, patients who have had Allergan implants and have heard of what has been reported in the media and the risk of ALCL (anaplastic large cell lymphoma) associated with textured implants, do seek Dr Mounir’s advise whether they should have their implants removed and replaced with new Implants such as Mentor implants. Usually these patients are advised to have a scan once per year and get checked regularly by a breast or plastic surgeon to make sure that they are not developing any swelling or/and any seroma. Dr Mounir will not advise you to get them replaced if your implants are intact.

How long do I have to wait before proceeding with revision surgery?

Dr. Mounir will always advise you to wait at twelve months before planning your revision surgery. However, he will need to examine you properly before accurately deciding. He may ask you to have a breast scan to check your implants.

Is Breast Uplift Surgery Successful

Most Manchester and Liverpool patients are pleased with the results of breast revision surgery. Of course, with every surgery, there are some risks and possible complications. Manchester breast surgeons will make you aware of these risks and complications before surgery.

These risks can include:

- Scars
- Bleeding
- Infection
-Swelling and bruising
- Healing problems
- Nipple loss or skin loss (necrosis)
- Asymmetry
- Reduced sensitivity
- Unsatisfactory results
- Change overtime

  • Scars: Unfortunately breast revision usually produces more scars. Dr Mounir plastic surgeon puts up his utmost effort to make your revision scars as inconspicuous as possible. However the scars are beyond the Manchester breast surgeon and every patient heals differently.
  • Bleeding: Occurs normally within the first few days post surgery. Therefore, the surgeon will always ask you to stop aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs at least 10 days before your breast revision surgery. If you do suffer from high blood pressure you should keep taking your tablets and monitor your Blood pressure to reduce the risk of bleeding. You will have drains after your surgery.
  • Infection: If you do experience redness, swelling or pain you should contact Dr Mounir immediately as you may need antibiotics or even another operation. This can affect the final result and you may need another revision after the surgery.
  • Swelling and bruising: Usually breast uplift patients do experience some breast swelling and bruising postoperatively. It does take weeks for the swelling to settle.
  • Healing problems Rarely the edges of the wounds can come apart, especially at the T- junction. Dr Mounir or our nurse will need to see you regularly at least three times per week at the Pall Mall Hospital to offer you wound nursing and dressing. In some cases Dr Mounir may need to remove the tissue that was infected.
  • Loss of blood supply to the nipple or skin: In very rare cases, the nipple/areola complex may lose its blood supply and turn blue and then black (necrosis dies). Dr Mounir will normally discharge you from the hospital after he makes sure that your nipples and breasts are well healthy.
  • Asymmetry: “Breast are sisters not twins” and this would be the case after the surgery. Dr Mounir is usually happy with the cosmetic outcome, however, there is always a risk that your breast revision will leave you with slightly uneven breasts.
  • Increased or reduced sensation: Most patients will experience some numbness and reduced sensation in their nipples. Dr Mounir will warn you that sometimes this change in sensation can be permanent.
  • Unsatisfactory result: Prior to the surgery Dr Mounir will discuss your needs and expectations and will explain how he will go about your breast revision. He will however explain to you that no breast surgeon can guarantee the final cup size and there is always the risk you may be disappointed with the cosmetic outcome and the final cup size.
  • Change over time: Dr Mounir will warn you that ageing, pregnancy and weight loss/gain after the surgery will affect your cosmetic outcome and you may need more surgery to maintain your breast outcome.








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