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When Do Breasts Stopped Growing?

Generally speaking, by the age of 16 what you see is what you get. However, breast growth cab be affected by change in the body weight, pregnancies and some medications.

Is it better to have breast augmentation surgery after having children?

Dr Mounir will always advise to wait until having children before having breast implants. This is because pregnancies do always affect the cosmetic outcome and you maybe disappointed to see that your breasts have lost fullness or even dropped little bit after your pregnancy.

How is the consultation With Dr. Mounir?

The consultation: All new patient consultation takes place usually at: Pall Mall Court, 61-67 King St, Manchester M2 4PD. If you wish to book a consultation for please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 228 9227 to confirm the date and time. The consultation with Dr Mounir does usually last for about one hour. There is no charge of for the initial consultation, however the hospital receptionist will contact you and charge you £25 admin fees. If Dr Mounir finds that you are a good candidate for breast augmentation then he will offer to have the surgery at either Pall Mall Hospital in Newton-le-willow or at the First Trust Hospital in Preston.

Dr Mounir does offer two stages consultation. Where during the first consultation, he will examine you and understand your expectations first and during the second consultation, he would discuss with you the limits of the surgery as well as the risks and complications associated with silicone implant. It is always a good idea to search online for before and after photos of breasts enhancement that you like before coming to see Dr Mounir.

How is the surgery done?

Generally, breast cosmetic surgery is always performed under general anaesthesia. The surgery of breast enhancement using silicone implants takes less than one hours to be done. Dr Mounir prefers using Mentor silicone implant. Technically speaking the implant can be placed either under the breast tissue (subglandular) or under the muscle (submuscular). Dr Mounir starts by making an incision 4 to 6 cm long in the breast crease to create a pocker under your breast tissue where the implant will be inserted. Usually Dr Mounir does not use drains.

Can I have the breast implant placed over the muscle?

The answer is yes you can have the silicone implant placed over the pectoralis muscle or the so-called sub-glandular implantation, but only if you do have enough breast tissue to cover the implant to reduce the risk of rippling and palpability. During your consultation Dr Mounir will discuss with your expectations and explain to you that placing the implant over the muscle usually would produce a more rounded look.

Is there any swelling after the surgery?

Recovery times for breast augmentation will depend considerably on your body reaction to the surgery. However most of Dr. Mounir patients return to the their normal activities 10 to 12 days after surgery. Dr. Mounir will give you your postoperative instructions and explain to you your recovery process this in detail during your initial consultation.

How do I sleep after breast augmentation?

Sleeping on your back is for some patients a real challenge especially if they are not use to it. Maybe it would be a good idea that you give it a try even before the surgery and start training yourself to sleep on your back.

Dr Mounir will advise you to do the following:

  • Use extra pillows in the bed because this would help you to keep your upper body positioned correctly.
  • If you do have some back pain, use a pillow under your knees.
  • When sleeping you may roll to your side. Always go back to your initial position. Never give up.
  • Use a V shaped pillow that will hold your back and head in place.

When can I go back to the Gym?

Generally speaking, patients are allowed to shower seven days after their procedure. It is normal that patients would experience some tightness and discomfort that usually subsides after few days. The breast will continue to soften for the first few weeks after the breast augmentation. Bruising is possible especially in the lower part of the breasts and varies from patient to patient as well and usually this will resolve after few weeks. Patients are asked to be very careful during the first week and start driving after 10 to 12 days. Patients can go back to the Gym after 4 to 6 weeks.

How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

The idea that silicone implants should be replaced every 10 years is wrong. The truth is that the implant failure rate at 10 years is about 10%. Dr Mounir uses Mentor implants with lifetime warranty. This means that if your implants are ruptured, you should receive a new implant from the company (not from Dr Mounir).

Can I still have Mammograms?

During your consultation Dr Mounir will examine your breasts and perform a palpation of your breast tissue to see if there are any lumps that do need to be investigated and mammogramed. Once you have had your breast enhancement you should not stop checking your breasts for any lumps. If you do need a Mammogram in the future, you should inform the breast surgeon and the radiologist that you do have a silicone implant in your breasts because implants do interfere with mammograms and could reduce the quality of the X-ray.








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