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Breast Cosmetic Surgery in Manchester & Liverpool. Whether you’re interested in Breast enhancement or Breast Reduction or Lift with implants, you can be confident with Dr. Mounir’s experience.

  • Doctor in Medicine

  • Master Degree in Neuroscience

  • German Board of Plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery In Manchester |  Cosmetic Consultation In Manchester And Liverpool

Manchester Leading Cosmetic Clinic

Breast Augmentation

If you are not happy with the size or shape of your breasts and not in the process to lose weight or planning to have a family very soon, then it may be worthwhile to book your consultation with Dr Mounir plastic surgeon so he can assess you and discuss with you the procedure of breast augmentation procedure. During your consultation Dr Mounir will discuss with you the difference between the smooth vs textured implants and the risks and complications associated with breast silicone implant such as ALCL or the so-called Breast Lymphoma.


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Breast Lift & Breast Reduction

Breast Lift or the so-called Mastopexy and Breast Lift with implants are cosmetic breast procedures that are designed to reshape and enhance the breasts. Plastic surgeons are trained differently and consequently do use different techniques to perform these surgeries.


The goal of Dr Mounir Manchester Breast surgeon is to improve the shape of the breast and to give it more fullness.

Breast reduction surgery, however, is designed to reduce the excessive volume and improve the shape of the breast.

Other Surgeries

There are some Congenital breast deformities that do affect the breast shape causing breast symmetry, or the nipple to be misshaped. These deformities can be a source of concern for many women to the point affecting them self-confidence. In Manchester Plastic surgeon do offer surgical correction that can help and improve the shape of the breast. Some interventions offered by Dr. Mounir breast surgeon are designed to correct these problems:

Breast Asymmetry
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