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Inverted Nipple Correction

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Plastic Surgery In Manchester |  Inverted Nipple Correction

inverted nipple correction Frequently asked questions


inverted nipple correction What I should know?

At the Manchester centre for cosmetic surgery Dr Abel Mounir consult many patients who are not happy with the way their nipples are inverted. The main reason why the nipple could be inverted is because the short milk ducts that are internally constricted is pulling the nipple to become inverted inward. There are three grades of inverted nipples: First Grade: The nipple looks inverted but can be corrected manually through mechanical stimulations such as cold temperature. The nipple tends to get inverted back after a while. It is very important to know that with grade 1 the breastfeeding is possible. Second Grade: The nipple is more difficult to correct manually. Although, the breastfeeding is possible the nipple is noticeably inverted. Third Grade: The nipple is deeply inverted and it is impossible to correct manually. The breastfeeding is impossible. During your consultation with Dr Mounir will assess you and based on the degree of inversion of your nipples he will discuss with you the best surgical option to correct the deformity. Sometimes it is possible to combine correction of inverted nipples with breast augmentation.

Am I a Suitable Candidate?

Patients interested inverted nipple correction would need to book an appointment with Dr Abel Mounir Plastic surgeon at the Manchester Cosmetic Centre. As a specialist breast surgeon, he will assess you and tell you which grade is your inversion if you are a good candidate for surgery. In fact, all second and third grade inverted nipples do require surgical correction to achieve a good and permanent cosmetic result. Generally speaking patients suitable for inverted nipple correction are: Women that are self conscious because of the shape of them nipples. Women those are healthy with very realistic expectations. Women who just had baby should wait at least 6 months before planning any cosmetic breast surgery In general, have a positive self-image.

How do I get ready for the surgery?

It is important that all Patients seeking surgical inverted nipples correction in Manchester or Liverpool should book a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon to determine if they are good candidates for this kind of surgery. Therefore all patients are required to attend a personal consultation with Dr Mounir before surgery. This is your opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the inverted nipples correction. A treatment plan can be tailored to your needs, with all the risks and complications discussed with you prior to surgery. You should be in good overall physical condition and have a positive self-image even if understandably you are concerned about the shape of your nipples. Most importantly you should have a realistic expectations. Dr Mounir will stress to you that inverted nipple correction will not produce a perfect even shape of both nipples. You will still have asymmetry of the nipples after the surgery. If you have just been breast-feeding Dr Mounir will ask you to wait at least 3 months before proceeding with any breast cosmetic surgery. If you smoke, you will have to stop to have breast reduction surgery. This should be done around six weeks prior to the procedure. This includes stopping any aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs

The surgery

Dr Mounir Manchester Plastic surgeon will start by pulling out the nipple and through a small incision at the base of your nipples will cut and divide the milk ducts. Then he will place some internal sutures to keep the new shape of the nipple. You will be discharged the same day. This surgery can be done under local anaesthesia unless it is combined with breast augmentation.

Is inverted nipples correction Surgery Successful?

Most Manchester and Liverpool patients are pleased with the results of inverted nipples correction surgery. Of course, with every surgery, there are some risks and possible complications. Manchester breast surgeon will make you aware of these risks and complications before surgery.

Risks And Complications

These risks can include: - Scars
- Bleeding
- Infection
- Swelling and bruising
- Asymmetry
- Reduced sensation
- Unsatisfactory results Scars: Performing breast reduction unfortunately will usually produce scars. Dr Mounir plastic surgeon put his utmost to make your breast reduction scars as inconspicuous as possible. However the scars are beyond the Manchester Breast surgeon and every Breast patient heals differently. Bleeding: does happen within the first few days after the breast surgery. The Manchester Plastic surgeon will always ask you to stop aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs at least 10 days before your inverted nipple correction surgery. If you do suffer from high blood pressure you should keep taking your tablets and monitor your Blood pressure to reduce the risk of bleeding. Infection: If you do experience redness, swelling and pain you should contact Dr Mounir Manchester plastic surgeon immediately because you may need antibiotics or another operation. This can affect the final result and you may even need some revision the surgery. Swelling and bruising: Often Manchester inverted nipple correction patients do experience some swelling and bruising of the breasts postoperatively. It does take weeks for the swelling to settle. Asymmetry: “Breast are sisters not twins” and this will be the case after the surgery. The Manchester inverted nipple patients are usually very happy with them cosmetic outcome, however, there is always a risk that your surgery will leave you with a slightly uneven nipples shape. Reduced sensation: Most Manchester inverted nipples correction patients will experience some numbness and reduced sensation in the nipples. Dr Mounir Manchester plastic surgeon will warn you that sometimes this change in sensation may be permanent. Unsatisfactory result: Prior to the surgery Dr Mounir Manchester and Liverpool Plastic surgeon will discuss with you your needs and expectations and he will explain to you how he will plan you inverted nipple correction. However he will stress to you that no Breast surgeon can or would guarantee you a even perfect nipples and there is always a risk that you may be disappointed with the cosmetic out come.

What is the cost of inverted nipple correction?

The total cost for the correction of inverted nipple deformity will depend on the grade of inversion and the complexity of the surgery. Only after Dr Mounir had the opportunity to examine and assess your breasts in Manchester or Liverpool, only then, he will be able to provide you with a more precise quote.

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