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Mommy Makeover

IN MANCHESTER - Dr Abel Mounir plastic cosmetic surgeon offers a variety of procedures that can reduce excess skin and fat from the lower part of the abdomen, enhancing the body contour.

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Plastic Surgery In Manchester |  Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover Frequently asked questions


Mommy Makeover What Should I Know?

Undoubtedly becoming a mother is wonderful experience and simply a beautiful adventure. However, there is unfortunately a price! The body you had before the pregnancy has been affected and has changed to the point that it has affected your self-confidence. Makeover surgery in Manchester and Liverpool helps a woman to regain the fullness of her breasts and reshape her body after pregnancies and breastfeeding, achieving a rejuvenated look. Dr. Mounir is one of the experienced mommy makeover plastic surgeons in the northwest of U. K. If you are not satisfied with the look of your breast and abdomen after pregnancy and breastfeeding, please arrange a consultation to discuss your different options for mommy makeover surgery.

Why Does The Body Change after Breastfeeding?

A woman's body is subject to many physiological changes during pregnancy. The most important and noticeable transformation is the expanding abdomen and body weight. Basically, in nine Months the abdominal cavity grows to accommodate the future baby. This is the result of the hormonal changes responsible for the increase in the breasts volume and fat deposit in different parts of the body. The labour and the birth of your baby is matter of hours and as soon as the baby is born your hormones status revert back to normal to the same level how it was before the pregnancy. Then often women will realise the body changes resulting from the pregnancy.

Am I a good Candidate for Mommy Makeover?

Candidates for mommy makeover surgery in Manchester and Liverpool are patients who wish to improve at least two or more of the following changes, which happen after the pregnancy: Breasts that have lost fullness after breastfeeding and weight-loss post-pregnancy. Breasts that dropped or nipples that sitting just below the natural breast fold. Areolas that have stretched or downward pointing due to breastfeeding. Loose, excess skin and fat on the lower abdomen Belly sticking out due a separated abdominal muscles Stretch marks on the lower abdomen Excess fat on the lower abdomen, buttocks, thighs and hips.

What Procedures Are Usually Included in a Mommy Makeover?

Often women would say my breasts were fine until I had my third baby or my tummy was okay until I had my second baby. It is a fact that two different pregnancies can or would affect the woman’s body very differently. herefore Dr Mounir after assessing you will ensure that you will be happy with your mommy makeover results. He does plan the procedure to each individual patient’s needs. breast augmentation : Often after having children and breastfeeding the breasts lose volume and fullness and sometimes drop. Dr. Mounir plastic surgeon is experienced in replacing the lack of fullness by using breast silicone anatomical or round shaped cohesive gel silicone implants. The main objective is to fill the upper breast and achieve a better cleavage. However, if the breasts have dropped and the nipples are sitting below the breast creases then Uplift surgery is necessary to produce the desired and youthful look. Dr. Mounir may advise to consider breast augmentation and breast lift together during a mommy makeover. tummy tuck: The so-called abdominoplasty is the procedure to remove the excess skin and fat from the lower part of the abdomen combined with tightening of the abdominal muscles. This produces a flatter abdomen with a better define waistline. Dr. Mounir uses a specific surgical technique to perform a tummy tuck approach with far less risks and complications. Liposuction: This procedure can help to enhance the tummy tuck surgery results and also to reshape the body. Liposuction is a body contouring surgery that shapes and reduce the fat from some areas from he body. It is design to treat areas like the abdomen, thighs, flanks, back, and love handles. Liposuction isn’t designed for women who are still in the process to lose post-pregnancy weight.

Recovery After a Mommy Makeover

Dr Mounir performs all mommy makeover procedures at the First Trust Hospital in Preston or Pall Mall Hospital, located at Newton-le-willows. The Mommy Make over recovery process is actually similar to the Abdominoplasty even if a mommy makeover usually combines multiple plastic surgery treatments, allowing patients to reduce the recovery time and see the cosmetic results quickly.

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