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Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Cosmetic Surgery in Manchester & Liverpool. Whether you’re interested in Breast enhancement or Breast Reduction or Lift with implants, you can be confident with Dr. Mounir’s experience.

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Plastic Surgery In Manchester |  Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery Correction Frequently asked questions


Breast Lift Surgery What you should know?

Dr Abel Mounir, MD. M. Sc a experienced board-certified plastic surgeon in Manchester, is known for his expertise in breast uplift or the so-called breast lift surgery. Dr. Mounir Manchester Breast surgeon uses modern surgical techniques to produce excellent cosmetic results. These are the indications for breast uplift: When the breast has lost fullness at the top and has dropped noticeably When the size of the nipples are too big and sitting low. When the nipples are point down and sitting below the breast creases. After weight loss or pregnancy when the breast loses fullness and drops

Am I a good candidate for Breast Uplift?

Dr. Mounir specialist plastic surgeon will discuss with you your needs and expectation. He will assess you and tell you if you are suitable for breast Uplift surgery or so called mastopexy. Generally speaking patients suitable for breast Uplift are: Women who feels that her breasts have dropped and become empty at the top. Women experiencing sometimes skin irritation in the breast creases. Women who do wishes to have her breasts uplifted and the nipple areola reduced. Women who feels happy with them body image but self-conscious about her breast shape. Women in good general physical and mental health. Women with realistic expectations. Women who are not breast-feeding.

How to prepare myself for breast uplift?

All breast uplift patients in Manchester and Liverpool should seek consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon to determine if they are good candidates for this kind of surgery. Therefore all patients are required to attend a personal consultation with Dr Mounir plastic surgeon before surgery. This is your opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the Breast uplift or so called mastopexy. A treatment plan can be tailored to your needs, with all the risks and complications discussed with you prior to surgery. You should be in good overall physical condition and have a positive self-image even if understandably you are concerned about the shape of your breasts. Most importantly you should have a realistic expectations. Dr Mounir will stress to you that breast uplift will never produce a Baywatch look. If you have been breast-feeding Dr Mounir will ask you to stop and wait at least 3 months before proceeding with any breast cosmetic surgery. If you smoke, you will have to stop to have breast uplift surgery. This should be done about six weeks prior to the procedure. This also includes stopping any aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs.

The Surgery

Generally speaking the Manchester Plastic surgeon performs breast uplift surgery always under general anaesthesia and as day case. Depending on your needs and the amount of the excess skin to be removed, Dr Mounir will discuss with you the breast uplift technique he will perform and the amount of incisions he will need to make. Dr. Mounir will reduce the excess ski mainly from the lower pole of the breast. If needed Dr Mounir cosmetic surgeon will reduce the size of your nipple/areola complex to be more in proportion with your new breasts. Also if needed and if you are presenting asymmetry of volumes, Dr Mounir will reduce the skin more from the bigger side to make sure that your breasts are more even at the end of the surgery. He usually finishes by using only dissolvable sutures that do not need to be removed.

After Surgery

It is normal to feel swollen and to have some discomfort after breast uplift surgery. You will be able to take analgesia for support through recovery. There can also be change in sensation and even some discharge. It will be necessary to wear a support bra for a number of weeks. You can go home a day after surgery and it is important to keep all wounds dry for one week. After breast mastopexy surgery with the Plastic surgeon in Manchester this is what you should expect: Generally speaking all Dr. Mounir’s breast Uplift patients can enjoy light exercise after two to three weeks. Dr Mounir’ breast uplift mastopexy patients rarely needs painkillers. Some patients may experience some swelling and bruising. Some patients do experience some numbness and discomfort. This decrease in the nipple sensitivity can become permanent. Pain is very infrequent and only temporary. Any strenuous activities should be avoided for couple of weeks. Patients are strongly advised to sleep in a sports bra for six weeks.

Is Breast Uplift Surgery Successful?

Most Manchester and Liverpool patients are pleased with the results of breast Uplift surgery. Of course, with every surgery, there are some risks and possible complications. Manchester breast uplift surgeon will make you aware of these risks and complications before surgery. These risks can include:
- Scars
- Bleeding
- Infection
- Swelling and Bruising
- Healing problems
- Nipple loss or skin loss (necrosis)
- Asymmetry
- Reduced sensitivity
- Unsatisfactory results
- Change overtime
Scars: Performing breast Uplift unfortunately will usually produce scars. Dr Mounir plastic surgeon put his utmost to make your uplift reduction scars as inconspicuous as possible. However the scars are beyond the Manchester Breast surgeon and every Breast patient heals differently. Bleeding: does happen usually within the first few days after the breast uplift surgery. Therefore, the Manchester Plastic surgeon will always ask you to stop aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs at least 10 days before your breast uplift surgery. If you do suffer from high blood pressure you should keep taking your tablets and monitor your Blood pressure to reduce the risk of bleeding. Infection:If you do experience redness, swelling and pain you should contact Dr Mounir Manchester plastic surgeon immediately because you may need antibiotics or even another operation. This can affect the final result and you may need revision the surgery. Swelling and bruising: Usually Manchester Breast Uplift patients do experience some swelling and bruising of the breasts postoperatively. It does take weeks for the swelling to settle. Healing problems Rarely the edges of the wounds can come apart, especially at the T- junction. Dr Mounir Plastic surgeon or our Manchester Nurse will need to see you regularly at least three times per week at the Pall Mall Manchester Hospital to offer you wound nursing and dressing. In some cases the Manchester Breast Surgeon may need to remove the tissue that had been infected. Loss of blood supply to the nipple or skin: Some patients in very rarely cases, the nipple/areola complex may lose the blood supply and turn looking blue and then black (necrosis). Dr Mounir Manchester breast surgeon normally will not discharge after the surgery until he makes sure that your nipples and breast are well healthy. Asymmetry: “Breast are sisters not twins” and this would be the case after the surgery. The Manchester Breast uplift mastopexy are usually happy with them cosmetic outcome, however, there is always a risk that your breast uplift will leave you with a slightly uneven breasts. Increased or reduced sensation: Most Manchester Breast Uplift patients will experience some numbness and reduce sensation in the nipples. Dr Mounir Manchester plastic surgeon will warn you that sometimes this change in sensation may be permanent. Unsatisfactory result: Prior to the surgery Dr Mounir Manchester and Liverpool Plastic surgeon will discuss with you your needs and expectations and he will explain to you how he will plan you breast uplift in Manchester. However he will stress to you that no Breast surgeon can or would guarantee you the final cup size and there is always a risk that you may be disappointed with the cosmetic out come and the final cup size. Change over time: Dr Mounir will warn you that ageing, pregnancy and weight loss or weight gain after the surgery will affect your cosmetic outcome and you may need more surgery to maintain your breast Uplift outcome.

Will My Breasts drop again After A Breast Uplift?

During your initial consultation with Manchester Plastic surgeon, Dr Mounir will advise you strongly to postpone any form of breast cosmetic surgery until you completed your family. He will also advise you to achieve your weight target before Breast uplift surgery and not.

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