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Facelift in Manchester & Liverpool

Facial Plastic Surgery in Manchester & Liverpool. Abel Mounir is a known plastic surgeon in the northwest of England. Regardless whether you wish a slight restoration of your youthful facial appearance or a serious facial surgical work, Dr Mounir will discuss with you all your expectations and offer you all the different moderns facial treatments available. These are the facial rejuvenation procedures Dr. Mounir does offer for his Manchester and Liverpool patients:

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Dr. Abel Mounir is one of the most experienced surgeons in Manchester and Liverpool. He has treated many patients performing brow lift to achieve a more youthful look. The purpose of the brow lifting is to reduce the aging signs on the forehead area by treating the frown lines and creases across the forehead. Dr. Mounir is known to produce a natural and friendly cosmetic outcome. Please check below how Dr Mounir’s approach to brow lifting in Manchester.

Plastic Surgery In Manchester |  Facelift 

Facelift Frequently asked questions



Facelift surgery or the so-called rhytidectomy, is a aesthetic procedure that can help turn the clock back and produce a youthful look. With an experienced plastic surgeon such Dr Mounir, the facelift can achieve a beautiful improvement in facial appearance, while maintaining a natural look. Dr. Mounir’s technique offers patients a younger look without leading necessarily to “operated-on” look. Dr Mounir is proud to offer facial rejuvenation surgery in Manchester and Liverpool to both male and female patients.

How do I look after the surgery?

Patients, who are interested in face or/and neck lift surgery, should schedule a consultation with Dr. Mounir. He will meet with each prospective patient individually to assess and make sure that a facial rejuvenation surgery is the best procedure to meet your expectations. Dr. Mounir is easy to talk to and loves working with patients. He will be glad to answer your questions and discuss with you the different techniques and options to address any concerns you may have. The Manchester plastic surgeon will meticulously discuss with you the face-lift surgery, and offer you a customized plan for your facial lifting and rejuvenation. Dr Mounir always encourages Patients to bring photos of themselves from at least ten years ago to their initial consultation so that he can plan the facelift and/or neck lift surgery to rejuvenate your look. The objective is to achieve a younger look of you, rested and fresher. Dr. Mounir has a personal approach for each type of facelift surgery. However, he always tightens the muscles of the face and neck. Effectively, the facial muscle or the so-called SMAS is always tightened around the neck, jaw line, and cheek area to produce a natural and beautiful cosmetic out come. It is a fact that tightening the SMAS beneath the skin will always produce a tension free skin lifting and so leading to a natural result with a smooth facial contours. Dr. Mounir’s facial cosmetic patients look effectively refreshed and younger.

Am I Suitable for Face or Neck Lift

Generally speaking men and women in their 50s and 60s start to notice some aging signs associated to a loss of elasticity in their facial skin. The main aging sign is the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead and lower face. Often during the consultation the patient says that she or he looks older than he or she feels. The objective of the facelift is to soften these signs of aging, thus improving the patient self-confidence and self image. Usually a good candidate for facial rejuvenation should be presenting some of these aging signs: Prominent jowls Lost of fullness in the cheeks area Deep nasolabial folds Excess or/and loose facial skin, muscle and fatty tissue In combination with your facelift surgery, Dr. Mounir offers a chemical peeling facelift procedure.

How Much Does Facelift Cost?

The total fees for facelift and /or Necklift surgery with Manchester & Liverpool City cosmetic surgeon Dr. Abel Mounir will depend on the following: Cosmetic objectives for surgery and how complex the facelift is and whether it is combined with other procedures such as fat injection, dermabrasion…etc) Your surgeon’s fees Anesthesiologist fees. The cost of the operating facility.

The different Types of Facelifts Offered at Manchester Cosmetic Centre.

Dr. Mounir offers different types of facelifts. During your initial consultation Dr Mounir will assess you and advise as to which facelift technique is the most appropriate for you. The different types of facelifts that Dr. Mounir performs are: Mini-Facelift This procedure is designed to correct the early facial aging signs such as loose skin in the lower part of the face and bands in the neck. It is usually indicated for younger women who are in their 40s. Lower Facelift The main objective of this procedure is to improve the aging signs in the neck and jaw line area. Usually the best candidate is a Patient in her late 40s and 50s. The lower facelift should tighten the neck, restores the neck contours and reshapes the jowl area. Full Facelift The difference with the mini-face lift or Lower facelift, the full facelift restore the contour of the upper cheek and temple areas. It is often the best procedure for patients who are between 50s to 80s and does achieve a dramatic rejuvenation for the face. Necklift The objective of the neck lift is to lift and remove the excess loose skin in the neck a rea. This rejuvenation technique is best for patients with mainly aging signs and loose in the neck area. The neck lift patient is seeking a youthful and better define neck contour. Since Dr. Mounir customizes each procedure to your needs. Each cosmetic treatment plan will vary. Often patients over 60s will probably require both a facelift and neck-lift for better results.

What to Expect from Facelift Surgery?

After the surgery, all Face-lift surgery patients will stay in the recovery room for a very short period of time before to be transfer to the ward where you will receive the necessary care and so you can start the healing process. Usually, Dr. Mounir will check your healing the day after your operation. Sutures will be removed about one week after the surgery. Dr Mounir’s patients usually can apply makeup and return to work within a two weeks and are allowed to exercise in about six weeks after surgery.

What other surgeries could be done in combination with face-lift surgery?

Often areas like the eyelids, forehead and mouth also undergo age-related cosmetic and mouth/lip can be treated in the same time with face-lift to produce a far better rejuvenation effect. Usually patients do prefer to have multiple procedures to reduce the recovery time, for financial reasons and for a better aesthetic outcome. Most requested procedures in combination with face-lift are: Eyelid Lift or the so-called Blepharoplasty: This procedure is designed to rejuvenate the eyes by removing the excess skin around the eyes and fatty bags. The results are very drastic giving the eyes a more youthful look. Forehead Lift or the so-called Browlift: The forehead lift is an excellent adjuvant to facelift surgery. It produces a more youthful look of the upper face. It is designed to lift the brows and smoothing out the deep creases. Lip Augmentation: This is procedure designed to produce a fuller lips. Dermabrasion: This procedure is designed to improve fine wrinkles around the mouth area and chin. It is a perfect procedure when combined with face-lift surgery. During your initial consultation, Dr. Mounir will help to understand the limits of the surgery and the difference between the different techniques.

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