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Cosmetic Surgery - Prices


Regarding Prices - Plastic Surgery In Manchester- Cosmetic Consultation In Manchester And Liverpool

The Competition Commission initiated a market investigation into private healthcare in April 2012, which reported in April 2014. However, the report was published first in September 2016. Click here to read the Report. The reality is that aesthetic surgery can only be achieved by taking in consideration your needs and your expectations and consequently every individual will require a different treatment plan and consequently the price for each surgery will vary depending on the specifics needs of the patient. The initial consultation with Dr Mounir is free of charge. However, there will be £ 25 booking fees to be paid directly to the Hospital. Dr. Mounir’s experience in cosmetic breast surgery includes: Breast augmentation, Revision breast enhancement due sometimes to capsular contracture or asymmetry, Natural breast cosmetic look, Teardrop or the so-called anatomical implants, Breast lift (mastopexy) and redu ction, Treatment of tuberous breast, Inverted nipples correction and Breast asymmetry. Dr Mounir is nationally recognized - as one of the top cosmetic Plastic surgeon - for his expertise in breast augmentation as well as for revision breast enhancement surgery.

What happened if you get a cosmetic quotate?

Quotes are valid for six (3) months. Hospital and anesthesia fees are set by the hospital and could change. The surgeon’s surgical fee includes all the pre-and post-operative treatment as well as the surgery itself. This means after the surgery Dr Mounir does not charge any additional fees.

Surgical Fee Policy

Please be aware that there are three financial components to the cosmetic surgery costs:
- Dr. Mounir fees,
- The anesthesia fees,
- and the hospital fee.
A non-refundable deposit of 10 % is required to book your operating date and time with Dr. Mounir. This deposit reflects services rendered up until your surgical date. I you do cancel or change the surgery date after payment of your deposit, there is a £150 re-booking fees. The balance of the total surgical fee is due two weeks before surgery or at your pre-op assessment if it comes first. If payment is not received by that date, you will lose your surgery date and the 10% deposit.

For the sake of clarity in Dr Mounir cosmetic practice and as guidance, the fees for:

Breast Augmentation starts from £5000.
Breast reduction starts from £ 6800.
Breast Augmentation with Uplift starts from £ 7000
Breast Uplift starts from £ 6250
Labiaplasty starts from £ 2950
Tummy-tuck surgery starts from £ 7250
Face-lift surgery starts from £ 8500

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