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Quick recovery Breast augmentation

Breast Cosmetic Surgery in Manchester & Liverpool. Whether you’re interested in Breast enhancement or Breast Reduction or Lift with implants, you can be confident with Dr. Mounir’s experience.

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Quick recovery Breast augmentation Frequently asked questions


Recovery after Breast Augmentation in Manchester City & Liverpool

Dr. Mounir, an experienced Manchester City Board Certified plastic surgery specialist believes strongly that each patient reacts to breast augmentation differently. Quick Recovery Breast Augmentation is a terminology used by a lot of breast surgeons but only few surgeons have the needed experience in breast augmentation to help the patient recover quickly. When the procedure is performed for the first time is called primary breast augmentation. Dr. Mounir has performed over 6000 breasts of them. He is also very experienced with secondary (revision surgery) breast augmentation procedures. Usually, Dr. Mounir’s patients are able to return to normal activities within 7 days after the surgery. Dr. Mounir by creating the pocket with a minimum trauma to reduce the bleeding and consequently the swelling does help to reduce the pain and discomfort after the surgery. He does not use drains in all primary augmentations and the skin’s closure is performed by using sutures that are all dissolvable. Your operation is planned starting by getting you involved in the choice of the implant and discussing with you both options over or under the muscle. Dr. Mounir operates efficiently (but not quick – there is a big difference). Generally speaking, breast augmentation takes approximately 45 minutes. This also helps for a quick recovery from anaesthesia. Dr Mounir will encourage you to try to return to normal activities as quickly as you can except for heavy lifting and aerobic exercise. You are encouraged to shower 7 days after your procedure. Some surgeons would allow showering after 24 hours hour but Dr Mounir believes that the wound should be left alone until most inflammation has settled. Plan your return to the gym after 4 weeks for cardio exercise and at least 6 weeks for weight lifting. Incisions may need some massage but only after 6 weeks. Sometimes the scars look red and rised as if they are going to develop to become hypertrophic, then Dr Mounir will prescribe for you Haelan tape to be used for 6 weeks at least. Dr Mounir will always encourage trying arnica before breast augmentation although it does work only for some patients and a small number of patients will experience bruising and discomfort even if they have taken Arnica prior to the surgery. The truth is that every patient heals differently and taking painkillers is not a sign of weakness. Dr Mounir and his team will do everything to make your recovery as quick as possible.

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