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Facial Plastic Surgery in Manchester & Liverpool. Abel Mounir is a known plastic surgeon in the northwest of England. Regardless whether you wish a slight restoration of your youthful facial appearance or a serious facial surgical work, Dr Mounir will discuss with you all your expectations and offer you all the different moderns facial treatments available. These are the facial rejuvenation procedures Dr. Mounir does offer for his Manchester and Liverpool patients:

  • Doctor in Medicine

  • Master Degree in Neuroscience

  • German Board of Plastic surgery

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Performed many facial lifts procedures including Neck lifts, Eye Lid surgery and Nose reshaping and is known for achieving natural results


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Experienced with revision breast surgery


Named one of the top three surgeons in Leeds, England


Operates in an excellent surgical hospital that prides itself on patient safety.

Dr. Abel Mounir is one of the most experienced surgeons in Manchester and Liverpool. He has treated many patients performing brow lift to achieve a more youthful look. The purpose of the brow lifting is to reduce the aging signs on the forehead area by treating the frown lines and creases across the forehead. Dr. Mounir is known to produce a natural and friendly cosmetic outcome. Please check below how Dr Mounir’s approach to brow lifting in Manchester.

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Neck Lift Frequently asked questions


Why does the skin change? Saggy upper eyelid is the most common sign of aging.

How your skin around your eyes will age will depend of course on many parameters: The most important is your lifestyle and diet. Genetics and other personal habits such as smoking. Sun exposition and pollution. Stress and weight fluctuations.

What is a Neck lift Surgery?

Unfortunately, the first aging signs do show around the neck area. The necklift is a procedure designed to remove the excess skin and rejuvenate the lower face by also removing the jowls. Early signs of aging are usually: Jowls that dropped below the jawline, Sagging “turkey gobbler” skin just under the chin, Noticeable platysmal bands, Neck laxity. Also part of the aging process is the unwanted excess fat under the chin, producing a “double chin.” Dr. Mounir does routinely use a 3 mm cannulae to perform liposuction of the of the neck area to remove the excess fat tissue. If you are presenting one of these above signs or at least some neck bands, undefined jaw line and loose neck skin then you are probably a good candidate for a neck lift surgery. The best candidates for aesthetic plastic surgery are patients that are well balanced, in good general health, and have realistic expectations. Generally speaking the so-called “neck lift” surgery procedure may encompass different surgical techniques. The classic neck lift procedure usually involves an incision behind the ear and under the chin about 3 to 4 cm long. The goal is to elevate the platysma muscle to restore the neck contour. This is achieved by plicating the deeper layers of the SMAS, and the platysmal bands are firmly tightened. Neck lift surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia on an outpatient basis.

Do I need a Consultation for a Neck Lift Surgery?

As experienced specialist plastic surgeon, Dr. Mounir often offers different facial rejuvenation techniques to produce the best possible cosmetic outcome. However, because every patient is different a personal consultation with Dr. Mounir is therefore necessary to help you determine whether you are a good candidate for Necklift surgery. Often, to rejuvenate the Neck area and the lower part of the face, Dr Mounir needs sometimes to combine Neck lift with Face lift surgery in order to produce a more balanced and youthful look of the lower and mid face areas. During your initial consultation, your Board Plastic Surgeon will advise you whether you do require a facelift in addition to your neck lift to rejuvenate the midface and the lower face too.

Before proceeding with your surgery you should make sure to:

Check that your surgeon is on the G.M.C specialist register of plastic surgery. Check that the surgery will take place in a hospital or a clinic that has CQC registration. Check the surgeon before and after photos and check his reviews. If needed speak to the surgeon’s ex-patients who have undergone similar procedures with him. During your initial consultation do not hesitate to bring a list of questions with you as well as photos of you at least 10 years old to help Dr Mounir understand your aging process. He is very approachable and he will undoubtedly listen to all your questions and concerns and would gladly explain to purpose of the Neck Lift surgery. Dr Mounir truly cares about each patient, and take great pride in making himself available to help with every step of the process.

How is the surgery performed?

Dr Mounir can perform this procedure under sedation (twilight anaesthesia). Because this is a safer way and it does also reduced efficiently the side effects of the anaesthesia such as nausea and vomiting or grogginess; rather, the postoperative recovery is crisp and easier. Dr. Mounir works only with experienced consultant anaesthetists and insists on the most sterile cosmetic plastic surgery environment in the operating room. He believes that “Cosmetic surgery is nothing less than artwork on the human form.”

How do I prepare for my Neck Lift surgery?

First, you would need your GP clearance just to confirm your health status. Usually a computer print of your past medical history is enough. After your consultation, Dr. Mounir will be provide you with some instructions as to how to prepare for the surgery day and what medication you should avoid prior to your surgery. For those patients who live beyond a 50-mile radius of Manchetser City, Dr. Mounir advises a two-night post-operative stay at the Pall Mall Hospital in Newton-le-willows.

How much cost Neck Lift surgery?

The total fees of a Neck lift or/and Liposuction will always dependent on the complexity of the surgery needed to treat and rejuvenate the Neck. Also it would also depend on whether the patient would decide to have an Lower face lift surgery combined in the same time with their Neck lift, the cost will be automatically higher to cover the additional procedure. During your initial consultation, Dr. Mounir will assess you and discuss with you the cost of your Necklift surgery.

How is the recovery after Neck Lift surgery?

You will experience some swelling and bruising. This is normal. However, you should carefully follow all instructions provided by Dr. Mounir in order to achieve the best cosmetic outcome. Depending on your healing process, he will advise you as to when you can return to your normal activity and exercise.

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