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Ear Reshaping (Otoplasty)

Facial Plastic Surgery in Manchester & Liverpool. Abel Mounir is a known plastic surgeon in the northwest of England. Regardless whether you wish a slight restoration of your youthful facial appearance or a serious facial surgical work, Dr Mounir will discuss with you all your expectations and offer you all the different moderns facial treatments available. These are the facial rejuvenation procedures Dr. Mounir does offer for his Manchester and Liverpool patients:

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Dr. Abel Mounir is one of the most experienced surgeons in Manchester and Liverpool. He has treated many patients performing brow lift to achieve a more youthful look. The purpose of the brow lifting is to reduce the aging signs on the forehead area by treating the frown lines and creases across the forehead. Dr. Mounir is known to produce a natural and friendly cosmetic outcome. Please check below how Dr Mounir’s approach to brow lifting in Manchester.

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Ear Reshaping Frequently asked questions


Ear Reshaping (Otoplasty) in Manchester & Liverpool

Children and sometime even adults are subjects to teasing and to unpleasant comments because of the shape of their ears. It is fact that large and/or misshapen ears are often a source of teasing. The objective of the ear correction is to reshape the ears and make them less protruding. Dr Mounir performs otoplasty procedures on young and old patients at the Manchester Cosmetic Centre.

What you should know about Ear reshaping

Ear pinning or the so-called otoplasty is an ear reshaping surgery procedure designed to reduce the size, re-shape, and correct the protrusion of the ears to better suite the face. Otoplasty is used to treat at a wide variety of ear problems such as: Ears that protrude noticeably from each side of the head Ears asymmetry Congenital ear deformities Traumatic ear deformities Earlobe repair Otoplasty revision A consultation with one of our board-certified surgeon such as Dr Abel Mounir can help you decide if ear pinning correction will benefit you or your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us today for an examination and consultation to learn more about otoplasty at the Manchester Cosmetic Centre.

Are you a Good Candidate for Otoplasty

You may feel that your ears might seem to stick out too far. This is often due to the fact that you have an increased concho-scaphal angle, which is how the ear aligns with the side of your skull. A big angle means the ear will seem like it is sticking out. Sometimes, the concha bowl is too big, which is the part of the ear that leads to the opening. You are good candidate for otoplasty if: Your bowl is too big and you feel that your ears are sticking out. You have a weak fold on the outer edge of the ear giving the impression that your ear is sticking out too far. Your healthy mentally and physically You have a reasonable expectations

Your Otoplasty Procedure in Manchester with Dr. Mounir

During the first two months of life, young babies with ears deformity, the use of special devices to hold their ears in natural position could often help to achieve excellent results without the need of surgery. If you feel that your baby has any ear deformity please do not hesitate to contact Dr Mounir for a prompt consultation. Generally speaking, most ear corrections are performed on children who are between five and sixteen of age. Dr Mounir always recommend otoplasty to be performed on kids before school start to avoid any teasing or negative reactions from other.

The Surgery

Generally speaking otoplasty surgery takes about one to two hours and is performed in Manchester under sedation or General anaesthesia. Usually Dr Mounir will start by performing a small incision in the back of the ear to get access to the cartilage of the ear. The cartilage is then exposed, sculpted and fixed back towards the head to bring the ear closer to the skull. The reshaped cartilage is then maintained in position with the help of non-dissolvable stitches. Another surgical alternative involves skin excision from the back from the ear combined with cartilage folding and reshaping by the use of stitches to hold the cartilage back so that the ear can be reshaped without having to remove any excess cartilage. Often Dr. Mounir might rely on both techniques to perform the otoplasty. All this will be discussed with you during your initial consultation and the surgical plan will depend on your specific needs. Importantly is that both ears will be reshaped evenly during the otoplasty procedure to make sure that both ears are symmetrical. All incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures and bandaged are applied carefully to ensure the healing process is able to commence without any issues.

After your Surgery

Generally speaking the patients are discharged the same day and can walk around after few hours postoperatively. Dr. Mounir will apply dressings around your ears that should stay on for at least seven days. These bandages are supposed to help the ear mold to its new shape. It is normal to experience some swelling and discomfort around your ears and you will have to sleep on your back for few days. Dr. Mounir will give you a headband to wear in order to keep your ears in a stable position especially when sleeping at night for up to four weeks after surgery. If needed, oral pain medications can be prescribed. Usually, the scars do heal without any issue. Dr. Mounir will see you few times after the surgery to make sure that your healing process is going well. He is always available to answer any questions or address any of your concerns. Most Patients are able to return to work in about seven days, while most children can return to school within 12 days. All otoplasty patients should be careful not to expose the ear to physical stress at least for 6 weeks. The worst complication after otoplasty is cartilage infection because this could lead to ear deformity and would necessitating further surgical treatment. Asymmetry is the second common aesthetic complication. Bleeding is rare and would need urgent surgical evacuation.

Will Ear Correction Surgery Affect Hearing?

The answer is no.

How Long Will Otoplasty Results Last?

The cosmetic outcome is lifelong.

Will I Have Scarring after Otoplasty?

The scars are well hidden behind the back of the ears and usually very discreet.

Is Otoplasty Painful?

Swelling and Bruising after the surgery is normal but post-operative pain is really minimal and well controlled with pain medication

Why Should I Consider Otoplasty for My Child?

Dr Mounir would advise you to consider otoplasty for your child before the start of his first school year to save him kids teasing and negative feelings.

What Does an Ideal Otoplasty Patient Look Like?

Good candidate for otoplasty is a Patient who has realistic expectations, healthy mentally and physically and willing to follow instructions.

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