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Nipple Areola Correction

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Plastic Surgery In Manchester |  Nipple Areola Correction

Nipple Areola Correction Frequently asked questions


What is Nipple Areola Correction?

Areola/nipple reduction is a procedure design to improve the appearance of the breast. This is because big nipples and the oversized surrounding areolas could affect drastically the cosmetic look of the breast. Top Plastic surgeon Dr. Abel Mounir is experienced at reducing the size of unattractive nipples and areolas to produce a more appealing looking breasts.

The Surgery

Dr. Mounir nipple-reduction starts by making an incision around the areola to reduce nipple size in order to define the new perimeter of the nipple/areola complex. Patients choose to undergo nipple-reduction surgery to achieve more symmetrical and nice looking breasts. He also performs areola reduction for men. Dr Mounir performs nipple reduction, as well as areola reduction, at the Pall Mall Hospital in Manchester or First Trust Hospital in preston. The Manchester patients do return to daily activities thanks to minimal recovery time. Both nipple reduction and areola reduction can produce long-lasting results for those who are self-conscious about the appearance of their nipples.

Who Is an Appropriate Candidate?

Patients interested in nipple or areola correction surgery should request an appointment with a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Mounir to discuss them expectations and whether they are suitable for surgery. During your initial consultation in Manchester, the cosmetic breast surgeon will measure the size of your nipples and areola and determine whether you are an appropriate candidate and plan your surgery to meet your expectations. You are a good candidate if: You have a normal self-image of yourself but you are only bothered with the look of your areolas You have nipples/areola that drop just below the breast crease when braless. Your nipples are pointing down. Your areolas are enlarged. You are healthy. You expectations are reasonable. You do understand the surgical risks and complications.

What Does It Cost?

The Total fees for nipple and /or areola correction surgery include: The plastic surgeon’s fee, The anesthesiologist’s fee, The cost of the operating room The total cost of the surgery varies, depending on the planned surgery and your expectations. To obtain a quotation for your areola/nipple surgery, patients are expected to arrange a consultation with Dr. Mounir to allow him to adequately judge what is involved. For those patients who live overseas or outside Manchester City or Liverpool, a virtual consultation is possible through our website and photos of your areolas can be emailed to Dr Mounir, and then a phone consultation can then take place.

After Surgery

There will be occasionally some swelling and bruising after nipple reduction. Please follow all instructions provided by Dr. Mounir in order to help the healing process. He will advise you as to when you can return to your normal lifestyle after your nipple reduction in Manchester.

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