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Are You Thinking to have a second Breast Re-Augmentation?

What You Need to Know

Breast enlargement re-do, or the so-called revision surgery is an extra surgery needed after the initial breast augmentation operation. There are few reasons why a patients could consider redoing their breast augmentation and seek revision surgery. This happened usually where the breasts have changed due to pregnancy or weight fluctuations, then the patient doesn’t like the original breast shape anymore. Usually in that case, the upper half of the breast doesn’t have enough fullness and the implant seems not where it should be. Sometimes the implants are simply malpositioned, sliding off to one side. And in some cases, the patient may simply no longer want an implant.

Patients who come to see us at the Manchester Cosmetic Centre requesting breast re-augmentation or simply revision tend to be frustrated by a result that’s not what they expected. Often when during the consultation with Dr Abel Mounir Plastic Cosmetic Breast surgeon, they do mention their dissatisfaction with regard of the cost and recovery involved during their initial breast augmentation. In some cases, they do even believe that they weren’t fully informed about the pros and cons of implants.

This is why honest communication with my patients is so paramount before the initial augmentation surgery. Listening to the patient concerns and understanding her expectations are critical to achieve a good cosmetic result. Dr Mounir will spend a great deal of time understanding what you want to achieve with your breast surgery and will share with you his honest opinion during your initial consultation.

Dr Mounir always says: “I find that the better communication I have with each patient, the higher the post-surgery satisfaction rate”

As a board-certified leading Plastic surgeon, he does perform breast augmentation revision surgery regularly with good success—which it is measured by patient satisfaction.

So, these are the main common reasons why patients do seek Breast Augmentation Revision?

· Ruptured Silicone implants need replacing

  • Patient wants to go bigger and reduce the Gap between the breasts

  • Implants have dropped in the bottom (Bottoming out)

  • Water-fall deformity or the so-called snoopy deformity