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Breast Augmentation Manchester | Breast Augmentation in my area

Breast Cosmetic Surgery in Manchester & Liverpool. Whether you’re interested in Breast enhancement or Breast Reduction or Lift with implants, you can be confident with Dr. Mounir’s experience.

Breast Augmentation Why Choose Dr Mounir?

Dr. Mounir is one of the top Plastic surgeon providing breast enhancement or breast augmentation. Generally speaking there are three main types of breast cosmetic surgeries: breast augmentation or breast enlargement or the so-called boob Job, breast lift or the so-called Mastpexy and Breast reduction. Each breast operation type requires a good knowledge of the female breast and breast implants devices.

Dr. Mounir is one the best trained providers of Breast Cosmetic Plastic Surgery; with a main focus on breast augmentation, extensive experience. His good knowledge and vast expertise has been highlighted in multiple publications and articles.

What to Expect from Breast Augmentation with Dr. Mounir?

Hear about the breast augmentation experience at Dr. Mounir’s practice from one of his many satisfied Manchester breast augmentation patients.

Breast Augmentation Am I a good candidate?

If you are 18 year-old or older and if you are not planning to become pregnant very soon or

Breast Augmentation Am I a good candidate?

not breast feeding at least for the last 9 months, then it may be worthwhile to book your consultation with Dr Mounir so he can assess you and discuss with you why you are not happy with the size of your breasts. Please bring with you a copy of your NHS medical records to show that you are healthy physically and mentally.

What is the right size implant for me?

Well if you are interested in breast implant you should have done some research by now and

What is the right size implant for me?

probably you have already heard of the rice test. Please keep in mind that the rice test is not a precise test and it is not recognised by any medical body. However it still does provides a rough idea about the volume that you would like to achieve with breast implant.

However when you are in consultation with Dr Mounir and after he has examined your breasts, based on your anatomy and your frame, Dr. Mounir will help you to choose the right implant by offering you the MENTOR Volume Sizing System for Breast enhancement.

Effectively, the Sizing System contains a set of 18 shaped volume seizers and so you will be able to simulate different breast implants volumes, starting from 150cc to 655cc, and so you feel very proactive and involved in choosing your implant size.

Dr Mounir will help you to fit the different breast implant seizers into a sport bra until you are satisfy with produced volume.