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Silicone Implants- Textured vs Smooth – What Is Best?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

The first silicone-filled implants for breast enhancement were introduced to the market in 1962. These implants were called “generation one implants”. In 1970, These implants were replaced by “generation two implants”. These implants were made with which a very thin shell, and filled with a very thin silicone gel. At the beginning of the 80s the design, these implants received a modification by adding a barrier layer to the outer shell to reduce the risk of the silicone bleeding and to stop the silicone escaping. Around

1991 the 4th and 5th generation silicone implants were introduced with thicker cohesive silicone gels. This has allowed the teardrop-shaped implant to be introduced in the market. Most importantly, the shell of these implants was also thicker than the previous 4th generation type.

There are three types of different shells. This can be made of silicone and smooth, micro polyurethane coated or the so-called MPU, or silicone and textured. I am hoping that the video below, I have prepared for you will help you to make your choice on whether you would wish to choose a textured or smooth implant for your breast enhancement. Please click on the photo below to watch the video.

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