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Breast Reduction Manchester | Breast Reduction near me

A plastic surgeon that has performed thousands of breast cosmetic surgeries and is known for achieving natural looking breasts.

What is the purpose of breast reduction?

Abel Mounir, MD, MSc, is very experienced in treating patients with Gigantomastia causing them back pain and posture problem. Gigantomastia means that the women are presenting an overly enlarged breast. Enlarged breasts could affect the self-confidence of the women and make her feel embarrassed. Dr Mounir is trained to perform breast reduction safely and to achieve a natural cosmetic outcome. Dr Mounir performs different techniques to treat surgically patients with overly enlarged breasts. The breast reduction technique will depend on the amount of the breast tissue to be removed.

Am suitable for breast reduction?

Dr. Mounir will discuss with you your needs and expectation. He will assess you and tell you if you are suitable for breast reduction surgery. Generally speaking patients suitable for breast reduction are:

Women with big breasts having an impact on them daily life.

Women with pain and discomfort due to size of them breasts.

Women with posture problem due to the size of them breasts.

Women experiencing skin irritation and indentation on the shoulder due the bra

Women that are self conscious because of the size of them breasts.

Healthy women with very realistic expectations.

Women who just had baby should wait at least 6 months before planning any cosmetic breast surgery.

In general, have a positive self-image, but are

Preparing For Breast Reduction Surgery

All breast reduction patients Manchester and Liverpool should seek consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon to determine if they are good candidates for this kind of surgery.

Therefore all patients are required to attend a personal consultation with Dr Mounir before surgery. This is your opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the Breast reduction. A treatment plan can be tailored to your needs, with risks and complications discussed with you prior to surgery. You should be in good overall physical condition and have a positive self-image even if understandably you are concerned about the size of your breasts. Most importantly you should a realistic expectations. Dr Mounir will stress to you that breast reduction will not produce a Baywatch look.

If you have just been breast-feeding Dr M