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Which procedure is suitable for you: Breast Up-Lift, Implants, or Both?

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Often patients are not sure and do need an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon to tell them whether they are a good candidate for breast Lift or breast Lift with implant.

Effectively, breast reshaping and enhancement using silicone implants can achieve a beautiful look and improve your self-confidence. Often patients are not sure whether they need breast Lift or augmentation or both to achieve the desire cosmetic outcome. Here I would like to invite you to learn about each breast procedure before making your final decision.

1) The breast lift or the so-called “Mastopexy”:

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is designed to correct droopy breasts and produce a more attractive looking breast. Surgeons do perform breast Lift surgery by using different techniques depending on the degree of sagginess of the breast. There are three degrees of sagginess:

Usually Dr Mounir will stress and insist to make sure that you do understand that breast implants are not designed to lift the breasts and in fact the heavier the implants you will choose, the higher the risk your breasts will drop more with time. Manchester Breast cosmetic surgeon will normally offer you two options.

- First one (for Minor sagginess: Yellow) is to have a staged operation; this is when you will proceed with a breast augmentation only and if you still feel that your breasts position is not as you have expected than you would need to proceed with second stage involving more scars and costs. You need that stage operations are one procedure (breast augmentation and then uplift). The only specificity of this option is that it is not a combined procedure.

- Second option (for moderate sagginess: brown) If your breast nipple is slightly below the breast crease, Dr Mounir will offer you a combined procedure with enhancement using silicone implants. This is also known as modified lift or mini lift. This procedure involves putting implants in your breast pocket and removing skin only around your nipple (Donut scar). You will end up with a scar around the nipple and a short scar about 2 inches long in the breast crease.